Operations Manager:

1 Position
3 years of experience in manufacturing set up required.


Roles & Responsibilities

To oversee the overall manufacturing process to ensure optimized production.
To supervise and direct the technical personnel responsible for every stage of production to ensure the manufacture of high-quality and cost-effective product.

To oversee the planning and organization of production processes and ensure the availability of necessary material, equipment, and labour resources required for a


To prepare cost estimates and the budget required for a manufacturing proposal.
To conduct inspections to ensure production machinery are operational and efficient.
To facilitate maintenance, repair, or replacement of damaged equipment.

To oversee the selection and procurement of manufacturing raw materials.

To ensure production complies with established quality control specifications and standards.

To delegate and assign work schedules and tasks to technical employees.

To organize training programs to enhance personnel job skills and knowledge.



Sales and Marketing Manager:

1 Position
3 years of experience required in industrial Sales & Marketing


Roles & Responsibilities


To administer the Company’s marketing and sales function

To identify and develop new opportunities within existing and new customers.
To monitor, evaluate, and report competitive market conditions.
To provide insight for openings to market and sell the Company’s products.

To research research, develop, and execute strategies to identify market opportunities.

To assist in taking existing products into new markets, new products into

existing markets, and/or new products into new markets.

To manage and execute the brand image of the Company.

To manage and execute the preparation, issuance, and delivery of marketing materials including websites, sales, collateral, graphics, exhibit properties, advertising, and promotional programs.

To manage and operate within approved marketing budgets supporting the overall business


To administer and execute the Company’s customer satisfaction survey as well as analyze and recommend actions based on the status of individual customers or groups of customers.
To organize and support sales and marketing reporting.


Machine Operators:

2 Positions
2 years of experience Required
Experience in Textile sector Preferred


Roles & Responsibilities

To set up machines to start a pillow and duvet production cycle.

To control and adjust machine settings and feed raw material or parts to semiautomated


To inspect parts with precision and measuring tools.

To test the operations of machines periodically and fix issues that might

occur during the shift.

To check the output to spot any machine-related

mistakes or flaws.

To keep records of approved and defective units or final products and maintain activity logs.




1 Positions
1 years of experience Required


Roles & Responsibilities

To pack, weigh, and label completed items for shipment or storage.

To follow all Company guidelines regarding packaging.

To identify and dispose of defective items.

To properly use packaging materials, including hand tools, glue, nails, and padding.


To keep complete records of all materials that go through the warehouse.

To keep the working area clean



Warehouse Supervisor:


1 Positions
2 years of experience Required


Roles & Responsibilities:

To measure and report the effectiveness of warehousing activities and employee performance.

To organize and maintain inventory and storage areas.

To ensure shipments’ and inventory transactions’ accuracy.

To communicate job expectations and coach employees.
To determine staffing levels and assign workload.
To interface with customers to answer questions or solve problems.
To maintain item records, document necessary information, and utilize reports to project warehouse status.
To achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, identifying, dispatching, and assuring the quality of goods.

To identify areas of improvement and establish innovative or adjust existing work procedures and practices.

To confer and coordinate activities with other departments.