ISMAIL QAPMANUFACTURERS PVT LTD. (hereafter also referred to as the Company) operate as a pillow and duvet manufacturing company in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company sell its products to wholesalers, retailers, and online shoppers throughout Canada. The Company’s in-house team  know the details of every item ISMAIL QAP MANUFACTURERS PVT LTD.  offers and help its clients choose the products most suitable for their needs and preferences.

ISMAIL QAP MANUFACTURERS PVT LTD. Is fully owned by Mr. Mohammad Tassawar, who  serve as the Company's Director and General manager. He leverage his extensive industry-related experience to oversee the Company’s entire operations and expansion. Mr. Mohammad Tassawar chose to set up a Canadian-based company since Canada presents a large market base for pillows and quilts due to its cold weather conditions.

Our team members 
Mohammad Tassawar (Director and General manager)
Abid (Bookkeeper )
David Macnmara (Supply chain manager)
Imran (Sales manger)